genalyte 💉

get your blood drawn and have test results within 15 minutes.

dracula would be proud 🧛‍♂️


lead designer - strategy, architecture, wireframes, ux / ui


android tablet, responsive web



did help with design?

well, ackchyally, chris raeside 🤡 helped with the first pass on the patient platform

what did i do

this project started as a simple platform that would allow for phlebotomists to take down patient information and scan vials as they took a patients blood. it quickly morphed into a multi-headed beast. slowly doctors started to get involved, and at that phase i implemented a portal that allowed for them to manage patients and notify phlebotomists that it was time to draw a patients blood. after that, a patient portal was introduced so they could view all their blood information on the web. on top of this genalyte wanted a portal to manage doctors and phlebotomists that used the platform. what started as a six-week engagement turned into a year-long project - all hipaa compliant. due to time and budget, we created a modified version of material.

early workflow example of required patient signatures

comps from various portals - patient / physician / phlebotomist

want to talk

* please consider the following before contacting me about work. i charge actual money for work. i do not work for equity, camel cash, or whatever bullshit excuse you want to use to justify free work. for new clients the project minimum is $2000 and there is a 30% deposit to get work started and that is non-refundable. ❤️