coolbox 🧰

a toolbox that could hold all your shit, play your tunes, and power your devices.

it went from kickstarter, to shark tank, then it was acquired by kevin harrington. i guess it’s a cooler now?


lead designer - strategy, branding, graphic design, ux / ui


branding, web campaign, info design, various pitch decks for funding and investors

what did i do

this idea was birthed out of project copilot - we were a team of people that all worked out of a house in huntington beach, ca. think of the show silicon valley but a lot less funny. initially this was an indiegogo project, raising over $300,000 in the first 30 days. it then sold independently for a while before it was shown on shark tank, raising additional funds. after the product was shipped and orders were fulfilled, kevin harrington acquired coolbox and pivoted it into a cooler. still has my logo tho.


indiegogo campaign

various product shots and visuals from campagin

want to talk

* please consider the following before contacting me about work. i charge actual money for work. i do not work for equity, camel cash, or whatever bullshit excuse you want to use to justify free work. for new clients the project minimum is $2000 and there is a 30% deposit to get work started and that is non-refundable. ❀️