budbo 🌲

cannabis tracking and management platform all powered by their very own “bubo” coin.

they pronounced it “boob-oh…”

no really… they said it in meetings.


lead designer - strategy, architecture, wireframes, ux / ui


responsive web app



what did i do

I was called on to upright a sinking ship that was budbo v1. large holes in workflows, incomplete data capture, and a general lack of product understanding were to blame. i was tasked with fixing these problems in a short turn-around. i simultaneously worked on wireframes and workflows while updating and cleaning up the ui. development had already started so i worked with the dev team to retroactively update their data architecture for what would have been the final product. the product had some lofty goals - tracking all cannabis products from seed to sale and how strains change over time. after being done with almost 95% of the design, amazing news came to light that pretty much put a halt to the project. in total there were over 200 screens for this project.

early feature list and information architecture



want to talk

* please consider the following before contacting me about work. i charge actual money for work. i do not work for equity, camel cash, or whatever bullshit excuse you want to use to justify free work. for new clients the project minimum is $2000 and there is a 30% deposit to get work started and that is non-refundable. ❤️